Opening of worlds

Dark clouds beginning to clear
Sunshine shining once again
Rays of light seen through the clouds
Weight of the world, being lifted
Despair and depression, living in memory
Locking the doors, never to open
Experiences and lessons were gained
Through the hardest ways imaginable
Graduated from university at last
Enduring the darkness of unknown
Spent eternity in disarray
Point of surrendering, halted by life
Hope was playing hide and seek
Events than rapidly changed 
Breathless with no time to breathe
Forever begin that moment on

Opportunities came pouring in
All directions it came calling
Rushing with urgency, being the first
Opening up brand new worlds
Never knew of their existence
Knocking one after the other
Showing remarkable restraints
Finally being granted an audience
Presenting ideas inside the mind
Matters little in reality
Grateful and in awe, from attentions
Wasn’t long ago, living in darkness
Having no possessions, nothing at all
Suddenly having everything, anything
Overwhelmed with generosity given
Appreciated the thoughts and kindness
For a person which recently had nothing
Doesn’t need nor care about such things
Having too much, was why problems begun

Tan Nguyen

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