Unstable emotions

Life, back during those youthful years
Remembering past thoughts 
Closing my eyes, going back in time
Life seemed difficult
Filled with confusion and anger
Filled with raged, releasing destructively
Powerful, shaking my entire body
Trembling with hate and anger
Even scares me sometimes
Overwhelmed with emotions
Unable to control
Felt as if being possessed
Blank memories, unable to recall
Remembering the surged in strength
Felt invincible and unstoppable
Nothing was able to hurt me
Not in this state of mind frame
Over time, anger and hate took control
Comfortable it felt, welcomed as friends
Delusional thoughts were thought
That nothing is more powerful
Than this awesome surged in power
Truth, to some extent
Only on the path of destruction
Another path exist, which heals 
Wasn’t found until years later
Finally, age or wisdom
Came and open my eyes

Tan Nguyen


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