Unwelcome visitors

During the stillness of night
When the winds are blowing softly 
Chilling the air with its kisses
Gently brushing, anything in sight
Stars are diamonds in the sky
Moon the rarest of all treasures
Sleep has overwhelmed everyone
Nice and comfortable, into dream land
Plagued with negativity, unwelcomed
Keeps invading into the night
Hordes after hordes arriving
Making themselves comfortable as home
Left alone during these periods
Self doubts are gaining tractions
Forcing themselves into the mind
Forcing themselves into the spirit
Demanding to be heard, right now
Screaming and knocking loudly
Kicking and yelling at the entrance
Unwanted visitations during nights
Unable a moment of calm and peace 
Finally, having enough with it all
Finding the courage from within
Sick of being scared
Sick of being afraid
Sick of being bullied
Sick of always being a coward
Snapping with powerful emotions
Standing up and facing the fears
Uncaring anymore of feelings
Realising the ultimate truths
In the end, is only ourselves 
Start doing things for ourselves
If they are true friends
Supportive no matter what we choose
Standing for once, for ourselves
Feeling good about it, finally

Tan Nguyen

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