Fallen asleep

Night casting it’s magically spells
Causing heavy eye lids everywhere
One by one, falling under its spell
With tired eyes, falling asleep
Some try to resist the urge
Some just closed their eyes
Surrendering to blissful sleep
Eventually everyone meets the same fate
No matter how strong a person is
Succumbing, entering dreamland
Night sky filling with diamonds
Seemingly blinking, directed at you
Stillness of the night, not a single store
Powerful enchantments, used each night
Resting tired minds, tired souls
Preparing for what another day brings
Filled with problems, needing solutions
Filled with experience, knowledge gained
While much needed rest, comes begging
Staring into the beauty of night
Moon smiles upon from above
Being overprotective, as a guardian
Eyes of the hawks, menacing in appearence
Closely watching for any danger
Sleep catches up, causing heaviness
Unable to resist much longer
Giving into temptations
Drifting of to dreamland

Tan Nguyen

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