Start of living

Far across into the horizon
Disappearing below the ocean
Where horizon and ocean meet
The sun slowly fades from sight
Lower into the edges of the world
As lights slowly dims, turning to night
Chilling air rushes by, calming souls
Unexpectedly, the start begins
Always expected differently 
Start to begin as the sun rises, not sets
Glittering sparkles of the ocean’s waves
Like millions of diamonds, created 
As the moon from heaven glows brightly
Reflecting the surfaces of the ocean
Always felt at home, as night arrives
Making sense, realising now
Of course the beginning
Shall start at night, obviously my time
Pieces falling into place, in awe of it all
Moments before, pieces doesn’t fit
Seemingly not even belonging 
Confused, maybe it’s an extra piece
Not important, just a spare
Amazingly, amusingly, such is life
Truly the greatest architect
The grand designer
The best play writer, such brilliance
Without a doubt, everything happens
For reasons unknown, later useful
Even the pain and sufferings
Isn’t for nothing, plays a very important role
Taking comfort from this knowledge
Braving the future, without fear

Tan Nguyen
October 25th 2015

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