Divine interventions

Extraordinary  circumstances
Presenting itself without shame
Flaunting without embarrassment
Heaviness keenly felt, weighing down
Crushing the very meanings of hope
Grinding into particles of dust
Continuing on current path, nothing will remain

Without any reasons to fight onwards
Without any future, worthy of living
Without any hope, to hold onto
Without any dreams, of a better future
Without any spirit, left within
Exhausted through endless battles
Tired from all the lessons
Wanting an end to it all

Aspiration appeared unexpectedly
Changing the world which was crumbling
Stranger wanting to offer a hand
Wearily accepting the reaching hand
Unsure of the legitimacy
After everything of disappointments
Making it up, as I went along 

During a moment of breaking apart
When darkness, having the upper hand
Game changed, when a stranger came
Questioning of doubts, plagued my mind
Learning, discovering the history
Such a twist of fate, remarkably so
Play writer, film director, hard at work
Creating a sitution, never thought possible
Even now, amazed as events unfold
Proving as always, life knows it’s talent
Creating the bestest story line, ever written

Stranger, grabbing my hand
Lifting me off the ground
Helping me stand, when standing is hard
Helping me move forward
Helping me discover, faith and belief
Helping me see, when eye’s closed
Offering the missing pieces, lost ages ago
In fulfilling, the destiny which waits
For the time when, transformation are completed
Accepting the leading role
As a shooting star

Tan Nguyen


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