Night appears, turning darker
As day goes to rest
Stars like diamond in the sky
Clouds drifting slowly up above

Creatures of the night
Sensing something is amiss
Night is quiet, very quiet
Unusal, even for night
No sounds of insects songs
No howling from the wolves
Nothing at all, not even a stir

Confusion is seen
Upon the faces of many
Knowing something is wrong
Yet not knowing the reason 
Sensing, within their soul
Something important, is missing

Slowly as heads searched the heavens
Realising what is missing
From the heavens above
The moon hasn’t appeared
Causing great distress upon the world
Everything being affected,
By the empty spot, where the moon should be
Disbelieving what they are witnessing

Moon has been taken for granted
Always expected to be there
Always expected to appear
Moon has been unappreciated 
Not acknowledging the importance
Of the role the moon plays
Moon has been ignored, not respected
The way it should of been

Missing on this night, proved it so
Most important, being the moon
Was missing, yet no one noticed
Because moon has always appeared
It was expected to show
Because moon has aleays been reliable
It was expected to always be so
Without the moon, night is lost
Walking around in a dazed, like broken hearts

Tan Nguyen

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