Playing dangerous games

Truth always comes to light
Always finds a way, in being known
Games being played, unknowing the dangers
Which lurks in the shadows
Can’t expect not to get burnt
While playing with fire
Seeming harmless at first glance
Looking closer, reveals a darker nature
Joining a game, half way in, rules unknown
Expecting to win, such delusions
Harming, risking lives, in reality
Not some board game, packed away
Against values, morales, which goes against
Everything I stand for, what I was proud of
Destroying fire with fire, creates an inferno
That inferno doesn’t care, what it destroys
Carries on burning, anything within reached
Life, is a game, played blindly
With real lives, played from boredom
Ironic when people assumes,
The creature is me, vile and digusting
Perhaps looking into a mirror
Shall reveal such creatures 
Prancing around in their high horses
Judging everyone, while their hands are dirty
Filthy, uncleaned, no soul, no heart

Tan Nguyen

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