As I am

Struggles and difficulties, hand in hand
Striving for recognitions of existing
Unwillingness of fading with time
Penetrating the defenses of success
As my time arrives, through patients
Enduring a life time, walking on my path
Deepest, darkest, coldest, terrifying
Encountering endless incoming nemesis
Challenging with smirks upon their faces
Facing, standing in front of fears
Holding onto nerves, which threatens to run
Chasing courage, earning everything
Risking my life, in gaining experiences
Each moment, in suspended animations
As I am, being the only person I know
Writing letters to myself, advising myself
No longer trusting, as I was once before
Humanity and society has greatly,
Changed me, forcing me to mean
Resisting with all my strength
Using reserved energy, resisting
Unwillingness of becoming, things I hate
Destroy my life, take it
I shall always stand and fight
Not becoming what society wants me to be
To hate my own kind
To be mean to others
To become such a negativity
In which society has become
I will never play a part
In spreading negativity anymore
I once turned my back against the world
Biggest mistake of my life
I shall never abandoned
I shall never turn my back again
I shall always be here, here on out
As I am
Nothing more
Nothing less
Just me

Tan Nguyen


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