Hardest efforts, falling short

However hard, the attempts are
Falling short of reaching the goals
Will indeed hurt; disappointing
It’s like, walking to a river for a drink
Arriving at the destination, crawling there
Along the way, meeting many situations
Chased by lions, wanting breakfast
Poisoned by plants, unaware 
Losing your shoes, walking barefooted
Clothes ripped, passing dense growth of thorns
Heat, draining the already dehydrated body
Watching precious sweat, fluids,  leaving the body
Going through so much, in reaching the river
Happiness and joy, dancing ecstaticly
Seeing up ahead, all your efforts
The situations which you’ve been through
Just to get to this point in your life
Upon arriving, looking at the dry river bed
Imagine what you will feel, your emotions
Welcome to life, it’s the same

Tan Nguyen


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