Knowledge overwhelming

Facts of life, proven in time
In the end of life, we face it alone
Problems arises, solutions needed
Solving each one, a puzzle game
Sometimes hiring of solving, ignoring for awhile
Building problems as sand, for sandcastles
Forgetting one problem, leading to many more
Uncaring at this moment, letting it go
Wanting a moment, being alone
Even that seems impossible, frustrated
Facing with never ending dilemmas
Comes a most challenging one of all
When a person, grows up being misunderstood
Having no one to turn towards
Seeking counsel of wisdom
From gang leaders, results are surprising 
Having nothing as in friends
Then suddenly everyone saying
How much they love you and cared
Can be a little overwhelming
Making emotions comes to the surface
Which was better left buried
All these talks of love and caring
How much a person means to someone
Feeding on their humbleness
Turning that into an alter ego 
Changing their world in utter confusion
Destroying a world which they created
With their sweet words
Not meaning a single word being said
Abandoning them in their time of need
Expecting them to be something
Which they conjure up in their heads
Not meeting expectations
Turning against them
This is reality
This is life

Tan Nguyen


7 thoughts on “Knowledge overwhelming

  1. A wonderful poem, I really liked the context and the idea.I loved how you described life by using different metaphors. Loved it.
    There is a mistake, I think it is a typo error, in L3. It should be “Problems arise” or “Problem arises”.
    Overall, this was a magnificent poem and quite thrilling. It catched my interest from the start and I absolutely loved the title. Great job!

    Liked by 1 person

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