Against all odds

Emerging, head held high
Victorious, bloodied and drained
Armour, unrecognizable any longer
Battered completely, taking a great beating
Enduring the punishments of weapons
Unrelenting with ferocious attacks
Hardly the outcome, anyone expected 
Left to die, in a foreign world
Surviving the harsh realities, suffering
Without a moments thought, of returning
In this place, rotting away, decaying like fruits
Exactly the same, as the fruits
Each day passes, weakening the soul
Subtle changes in the appearences
The skin slowly softens, changing colour
Once beautiful and solid, now weak and soft
Throughout these events of life
Ever flowing without a moments thoughts
Even time and space, placed their bets 
Against me making another day
Difficulty of my journey, isn’t normal
Even normal is scratching its head
Standards which has been raised higher
Even so, the world moved on with life
Leaving me behind to struggle each day
On the ground, covered with dirt
People walking by, ignoring such creature
Whispers amongst themselves, overheard
When is death coming, and claim that soul
Left for death, having no chances left
Already considered dead, from the masses
Against all odds, somehow surviving
Not only surviving,
Smashing through all logics,
Breaking all boundaries
Shattering the smirks, on pride faces
Creating history, step by step
Against all odds, of being successful
Against all odds, of being alive
Against all odds
Here I am
Before you
Defining sanity overall

Tan Nguyen

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