Human beings

You and I, are one and the same
Same, but different
When I bleed, the colour is red
What colour is yours, when you bleed
I am able to feel pain, and be hurt
Are you the same, are you able to feel
When I am hungry, I search for food
What do you do, when your hungry
I have people which I love and care
Ain’t you the same as me, love and care
When someone stabs me, I bleed and feel pain
What happens when someone stabs you
Isn’t it the same as me
When someone calls me names, it hurts within
Feeling sad, yet not showing that it hurts
What about you, isn’t it the same
I’ve made mistakes in my life
Done some really stupid things, unforgivable
Have you made mistakes in your life
Or are you perfect in every way
I feel sad and depressed
Do you know this feelings
I feel happy and joy, not often though
Do you know this feelings
I feel useless and worthless
Do you know this feelings
I, like you, are both humans
Going through problems with our lives
Trying to make sense of the world
Trying to be something, someone important
Not to be forgotten, to fade away
Striving for a better life, for us and others
To protect and care for the ones we love
To just live and be there for people
Whom we love and care for
Because in the end,
Colours of skin
Difference in cultures
Traditions and history of our ancestors
Our beliefs and religions
Our morales and values
Ain’t we the same, ain’t we all humans
It’s time we should,
Start treating each other,
As humans

Tan Nguyen


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