No matter what

Cracks are showing, along the lines
Solidified, rebuilding time and again
Taking upmost care, overseeing plans
Carefully watching constructions, like a hawk
Each details, being implemented
Sleepless nights, filled with worries
Uneaten food, wasting upon the table
Caused from stress and worry
Checking again and again, making sure
That all preparations are though of
Minor details, treated as massive
Being on the verged, isn’t smile upon
High emotions, tempers are quick to trigger
Not meaning to tell or scream
Letting emotions and frustrations 
Controlling, taking over for split moment
Walking along the lines, checking everything 
Inspecting for weaknesses, which may fall 
Despite all the preparations
Despite all the planning
Despite all the effort, used on defense
Despite all the thoughts and worries
Defense, has been breached
No matter how well, a person prepares
There’s always cracks, out of sight
There’s always unseen situtions
Which likes to appear, at the worst time
Reminds you of a story, you once heard
Surely hope so, it’s the story of life

Tan  Nguyen

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