Against the heart

Following hearts, following rules
Human laws, design by human thoughts
Reasons of injustice, based on opinions
Sometimes the heart and soul, are wise
Stunning, breathless and in shock
Injustice of the world around, prepared
With answers, when questioned 
Defying logic and law, sweet words of trickery
The heart never lies, not even one
The soul never fake, feelings or thoughts
Crime against the heart, painful
Ignoring advise from high above
Not believing in the information given
Crime against the soul, can’t  be done
Knowing each thought, would be tortourous
Untrue and untruth, may fool hearts and soul
Only for a moment, before frowns appears
For the heart knows, master of emotions
Designed for such a thing, of feelings 
Of love and care, in spreading it wide
Souls crying out, witnessing such suffering
Such torment, after so long before
Those exchanges, were hurtful
Trying to forget, difficult

Tan  Nguyen


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