Along the way, my life

If something happens tonight, preventing
Tomorrow from being seen with these eyes
Thirty three years, upon this world
Thirty three years, of experiencing
Thirty three years, of emotions
Thirty three years, of trials
Reminiscing of times passed
Happy and sad, moments in time
A journey of life, lived by me
From everything thats been thrown my way
Still standing strong, still fighting
Giving everything I have, and more
Experiences gave me knowledge
Feelings and emotions are new to me
Teaching how to communicate with others
Finally, letting people in, to understand
To know the person I am
Along the path of life, my life 
People come and people go
That was always expected
Always being left behind or forgotten
As writing became my newfound strength
Opening many locked doors, into new worlds
Letting the masked, fall to the floor
Revealing the face hidden, all these years
Pain, hurt made me stronger
The suffering and pain, couldn’t beat me
People that stayed, through thick and thin
Who are true, helped to rediscover
The person that was lost, now found 
Truly grateful, with my friends
I promise you something now
The show has just begun
Before my death arrives, not one stone
Shall be left unturned, all across the world
My voice will be heard, it will be loud
Time for a revolution,
Not liking how the world became,
Not liking what’s happening,
It’s time for a change,
Humanity is falling,
It’s time to rise once more,
Humanity will rise once more,
If these eyes, doesn’t see tomorrow
Than life was a waste, many uncompleted
Left, still to do, to acheieve and accomplished
Starting now, this moment, my time
For change to finally come

Tan Nguyen


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