Spiralling down into darkness
Uncaring not in the least, hoping the fall
Shall damage the soul
Killing the body, leaving this world
Falling, down, down, never ending
Free falling, unstoppable 
One way ticket, brought with the soul
Bottomless pit, complete darkness
Senses, emotions, feelings, left durinğ flight
Crashing down, finally reaching bottom
Disappointed, broken limbs, damaged souls
Still within this world, in incredible pain
Blindly reaching out, getting a sense of surroundings
Touch and feel, in the gloomy despair
Fading, fading from existent
Disappearing, from life above
forgotten, those that matters
Nothing matters, not anymore 
Never was never will, never shall be
Useless emptiness, taking up space
Using darkness as a blanket, hiding 
Hidden within, lost inwards of self
Trapped in prison, minds possessing the keys
Chained to the walls, tightly as circulations
Are cut off, denied to flow 
Wishes of death, being granted
Life fades, blinking with death
In darkness, right now, right here
Decisions are needed, to be continued this path
To allow death, permission
Thinking back, thanking my lucky stars
That I was able to survive that period in my life
Let it stay in the past
Where it belongs

Tan Nguyen


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