Longing acceptance

Searching high above the heavens
Searching towards the stars
Like diamonds glittering, way up there
Answers, needing like desperations
Insanity driven, unable to stop
Possess as if demons, ruling the minds
Needing to know, for peace of mind looking upon the stars, leaving great hopes
Expecting without reasons, my dreams
Illogical conclusions, as to why expecting the stars
Depending on the stars, great expectations
Perhaps having special meanings
Close towards my heart
Unreachable beauty, only to stare
Such a distance, from here to there
Maybe searching for a miracle
Looking upon the stars, gives me strength
Wondering aloud, how lonely it must be
Every night, coming out to shine 
Even though theres many, in the sky
It must be lonely, unable to be near another
Now I know why
The stars blinking each night
All across the night skys
They are trying to talk
With each other
Displaying their best efforts
Of shining brightly
In hopes
Of being accepted
Of not being lonely

Tan Nguyen


12 thoughts on “Longing acceptence

      1. There’s no absolute direction for the human being, thus neither for you. Then, lost is a word that needs cautious use – if you define yourself as lost, then that’s how your mind will continue to act and serve you.
        And, since you say that you don’t know what’s real and what is not, this means for me that only the knowledge you had so far is no longer serving you in your quest for understanding yourself/life.
        Am I right?

        To begin with the “real” and “illusion” part, I’d like to focus on the lost part. If you are lost, surely there was a time where you felt not lost – which is why you can now point to a “lost” feeling.
        Similarly, there was a time when you had a fairly solid concept of what real and unreal were. And, even now, there are things that are real – your physical body, the earth underneath your feet, the universe itself.

        Then, the question is: what kind of real are you seeking to define? Whatever is, has a being, thus is part of the Reality as a whole.
        Since you have always been/existed; it would be pretty much a speculation to define the non-reality, the non-existence, because you cannot have access to it.
        Whatever your mind can perceive is real, to you. There are different kind of realities and different levels of it. Just as the so-called “virtual” reality is very real – it exists, manifests itself and can be perceived/used.

        So the lost part you’re experiencing comes rather from being on the road and not sensing a direction.Maybe, for the sake of clarity, the question is: what is true? what is not true?
        Would you agree with me?

        I have Felt lost before, and writing has also been a cathartic experience. I hope my comment is not bothering you.


      2. I have been pretending my entire life to be someone I wasn’t. I am transgender.
        The idea that all was well tricked me too. I thought that during those years I knew where I stood. But I didn’t. It is an illusion.
        How did that pretending become real? A mask will always be a mask wore on the real thing. It is highly possible the mask gets stuck on your face or on your behaviour. But the real you has always been there.The proof is the very fact that now the real you broke free, woke-up and demands to be expressed through actions.
        Whenever you feel like talking, write me at david.dragoman@gmail.com
        I’d be happy to listen.

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