Transforming within

Howling from wolves, towards the moon
Full moon comes out to play, magnificent
Majestically beautiful high in heaven
Glowing, displaying fully, proudly
Rustling sounds from leaves being blown
Around, as the strength of wind increases
Powerful emotions, surging to the fore
Powering, fueling flames into inferno
Gradually building, intensifying in heat
Transforming, in accordance of change
Finally accepting destinys call, finally
Drifting through life, as if a blur
Time disappearing, not knowing where
Experienced the lowest, a person feels
Glued to the ground, sinking into the core
As the inferno intensify in ferocity
Awakening from within, erupting to life
Strengthened all weaknesses, past and present
Strengthening and conditioning, stronger
Endurance, increased with determination
Motivation found all around, surrendering erased
No longer existing as a word, playing no part
In the world, in which I belong
Transformation, evolving, in being
Coming from nothing, manifesting into importance 
Living a dream, transforming into
Something to be proud about,
Who has learned
Who is been through heaps
Transforming, accepting
All of me

Tan Nguyen


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