Upon heavens door

Heavenly divine, protective of harm
Knocking upon heaven’s door, unanswered
Sitting on passing clouds, softer than imagined 
Gazing at the distance, amazed with the view
Stars seemingly larger, brighter in light
Planets are also seen, feeling so close
More beautiful than imagined, humbling feelings
Truly the works from the masters, the creators
Reaching out my hand towards the stars
Drawing the stars closer, startled effects
Imagination getting the better of me
Reached out my hand towards the stars
Same results occurred, stars are nearer
There’s no mistake about it, but how
Pondering, deep in thought of reasons
Unnoticed as heavens gate opening
Only until the doors were completely opened
The realisation of everything came to be
Feeling as if returning home, familiar feelings
Comfortable, surrounded as if peace
Were standing close by, as if on top
Walking towards heavens gates
Entering, suddenly making sense
Everything falling into place
It is home,
We are the creators
We are in charge of our surroundings
We are in control, of our situations
We are the ones, that changed events
We are the ones, whom are responsible 
For the surroundings and situations 
For changing things we not like
Being in control of what happens
In our every day life
To live a style, which has always
Been for us to decide
What we wanted in life
The abilty to change
Anything we wished

Tan Nguyen

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