Crescent moon, appearing tonight
High above, in heavens arms
Revealing only a fraction, of itself
Keeping hidden, scared of showing
The full potential of what could be
Shy, wavering confidence, full of doubts
Weakening state of hidden emotions
Displaying the form, in accordance within
Unaccepting self worth, deserving feelings
Unwavering self beliefs, not found
Having ability, shining brighter
Lighting up the night’s sky, making heaven glow
Surrounded by friends, are they even friends
Something is different, no one noticed
Displaying only crescent form, no one cared
Continuing on, with their nightly activities
Continuing on, with a life of their own
Stars all around, each and every night
Since the beginning of time, until eternity
Until eternity has ended, start of beginnings
Circle of life upon the universe
Where ever death is found
Another life shall begin

Tan Nguyen


3 thoughts on “Crescent moon

  1. The crescent moon is like an introvert person, full of potential yet lacks self confidence. I was like that before Im glad I found friends who encourage me to blog


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