Research on friendships

I was curious in knowing, why was it that friends betray friends. Apart from a friend can be your worst enemy. Because they were trusted at one point, being the listening was at some point. Knowing your strength and weaknesses. I figured, there must be more to it than that. This is my conclusions

The line of friendships are crossed. Probably unaware when that line is crossed, no longer being friends. It is simple as that. Yet the explanation is complicated. I will try and explain what I mean.

In true facts, it’s not a friend that betrays. That person is no longer a friend. That person no longer has the same views and feelings as before. Their beliefs has changed, they have changed in some way.

Maybe they didn’t like the situation or results that happened. Maybe they grew up, fell in love. Everything changes eventually. Even feelings and love of a friend. Unknowing when the lines were crossed of friendship and enemy. That is the dangerous part and betrayals

Tan Nguyen

6 thoughts on “Research – Friendships

  1. So, what do you suggest? Should we not make friends or should we not make friends with humans? As far as my thinking goes, I think, humans almost always betray and you are right, they have changed. We should make friends with the Divine 🙂

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