Death born of courage
Tribute to those executed on April 29th 2015

Midnight stuck, deadly silence of night
Wind blowing the grass, swaying to and fro 
Crickets sounding, breaking the quiet
Death match, walking towards the crosses
Tied down on make shafts crosses 
Refusing blindfolds, watching the executioners
Looking into the eyes, of those pulling the triggers
Two wrongs doesn’t make a right
Taking lives, planning of murder 
Green lasers searching the hearts
Songs from the victims, singing together
Amazing grace from the lips
Of those leaving the world, showing courage
Orders from the commander rings out
Songs picking up in volume
Defiance till the end
Facing twelve rifles each
Pointing towards their hearts 
Singing song, while
Bang! Sudden shots rang out
Thunderous, deafening sounds
Death, slowly draining them of life
Putting up a good fight, till the end
Eight people were executed that night
Courage and bravery, legendary forever
One person with twelve rifles each
It was a massive display of murder
Yet through it all, as their hearts explode
Riddle with bullets, laid dying with their blood leaking
Bravery which shall never be forgotten
Courage and unity of each people
Shall be remembered forever
Rest now my friends
Rest now and be in peace
Once were criminals
Made mistakes
Yet you died a heroes death
That can’t be taken away
Never will

Tan Nguyen


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