Walking amongst the Angels 

Shining down, bright lights
Blindingly lighting up the worlds
During life, no one noticed
Through death, everyone pays attention
Angels come, angels leave
Inspiring the people, by their presence
Walking amongst the mortals world
Shining magical rays of light 
Darkness shakes in fear, of being revealed
Light shining, revealing everything it sees
High above the world so high, like diamonds
Blinking to the beats, enchanted songs
Displaying beauty to the world
Perhaps everyone has forgotten
The meaning of beauty and love
Forgetting the values, which are important
families are one of those, often forshaken
Walking up above with angels of light
Bearing witness, to the birth of love
Gifted with life, to live
Gifted with talents, to change the world
Gifted with brain, to think
Gifted with heart, to love
Gifted with body and soul
To feel and experience, everything life
Has to offer, to learn and to enjoy 
Walking with the angels
Walking with the mortals
Walking with you and I
That is life, in the fullest

Tan Nguyen

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