Looking into the mirror

I see the pain, hidden in your pride
I don’t see anyone else, I see myself
I see the hurt, hidden in your smiles  
I see no body by your side, no one at all
I’ll always be by your side, that’s a promise
I see the years, etched with in the lines
I see the torments, throughout the years
I see the guilt beneath the shame 
I see the confusion, beneath the strength 
I see the longing, of not wanting to be alone
I see the misunderstanding, through your eyes
I see your soul, your yearning and desperations
I see through you, all those mask you wear
I see you for who you really are
I see you,  looking back at me
I see you, reflecting my image
I see you, hanging on the way
My reflections of dreams

Tan Nguyen

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