Beautiful as the illusions take shape
From dreams and desires
Forming into a world of make believe
Reality takes a turn, blending with illusions
Creating from thoughts, deep within
Every dream, within touching distant
Every desires, within reach
Forgetting reality, it matters not
Being so close, in gaining everything
Your heart desires, making dreams
Come to life, only a short distant away
Beautiful, right there in front
Magnificent in alluring temptations
Marvelous as the godess herself
Within touching distant, so very close
Every dream which entered the mind
Every desires which entered the heart
Made available before your eyes
Such beautiful, sweet and tender
Blissfully yours, to be enjoyed
Illusions and reality, making no sense
Reality and illusions, combining together
Would the senses, know the difference
Can the mind be fooled, for awhile
Will the heart, ignore the trickery
Fooling oneself, may not be so easy
Mind and soul, always functioning
Always in alert, for these reasons
Beautiful dreams, may be nightmares
Desires, may even be forbidden
Illusions ain’t the answers
No matter how hard, one may push
In making it so, always knowing
Through one’s mind eyes
Always watching for just these moments
So close, yet so far
Wanting so badly, illusions right there
Reaching out, feeling only air
Trying harder in obtaining dreams
Pushing oneself harder in gaining desires
Illusions are beautiful, creating images
Presenting your dreams and desires
Enabling your eyes to see, another step
Closer, in reaching those goals

Tan Nguyen

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