Continuous into myth

As the waves moves during the night
Unseen motions in the darkness
Calming sounds, soft melody of crashing waves
Nature’s music, uncompared majestic creation
In a thousand years, waves are still in motion
Our life struggles, long ago forgotten
Importance of life, is continous flows
Passing on knowledge, passing on experiences
In hopes of being  remembered
Till the end of times, as long as possible
In life, many darkness finds us
Dragging our souls, ripping us apart
Levels of depressions, different pain
Many forms of darkness, always seeking
From despair to lost of hope
Even losing oneself, falling of the paths
Throughout the journey, surprised to survive
Shocked at still being able to stand
Only just, by a hairs length
In crawling through the challenges and trials
For ourselves, it’s one of the most valuble
Most important achievements, accomplished
Without anyone else, congratulating our success
Personal accomplishments are worth
More than any medals or awards
Given by those, with no idea what we went through
As the years passes by, the waves continues
Decades gone, approaching centuries
Waves of the oceans, ensuring always
Memories of life, which lived
Fading each passing day

Tan Nguyen


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