Project – Set me free

Soaring high above the clouds
Entering heavens domain
A voice whispers in my ear
It’s time to set you free
Your spirit hasn’t died
Your spirit is stronger than ever
Words repeating in my ears
Finally made me believe
It’s time to be set free
It’s time to make a movement
It’s time to help the world
Which are crying out in pain
Which are crying out for directions
Which are crying out for understanding
This is where my path leads
This is where my purpose begins
Throughout all the trials 
Throughout all the sufferings
Throughout it all, my destiny revealed
Here I am, ready to take my path
Here I am, ready to accept the call
Here I am, to lend my hands and ears
To a world that wants understanding
Project set  me free, has commence
Let’s show the world, that people can change
Right now, right here
Let’s begin, one person at a time

Tan Nguyen


5 thoughts on “Project – Set me free

  1. This is so powerful. This is indeed one project I am ready to get on board off. It is profound what you have put down and it takes courage to take it up. I hope we all come to realize it’s a very important one in which we are all responsible for.
    Good one juliustyson

    Liked by 1 person

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