As dawn approches from the horizon
Slowly transforming night into light
Appearing at first, only barely visible
Shruggling it seems, pushing against night
Crushing the lights, beneath it’s weight
Wonderingly, with interest newly peaked
Watching the heaven, as time goes on
Watching with awe, witnessing a miracle
As time goes on, light pushes onwards
More and more, lights appearing
Slowly, without a doubt changing night into light
A moment before, seemingly impossible
Majority of the sky, ruled by night
With only a tiny fragment of light
To overcome such adversity, incredible display
Unrelenting in determination, never doubting
Even against all odds, turning night into light
Overcoming such impossibility, deserves recognition
Respected of the highest order, honoured forever
Light has completely turned night into day
Peeking from the horizon, comes the source
The rising sun, shining bright with pride
As deserving, of beauty and strength
Overcoming all odds, to shine
Lighting up heaven
And the divine

Tan Nguyen

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