True fighting spirit

True fighting spirit shall never die
Laying in wait, until the time comes
Learning through the darkest
Learning through the darkness
Experiencing being at the lowest
Experiencing being rejected 
Experiencing being truly alone
Enabling only for the future
Unleashing the true fighting spirit
Wandering the world, all alone
Seeking answers that’s not there
Seeking illusions, on beliefs of others
True value, lay within
Only discovering oneself, can one be free
Through the void of complete nothingness
Through the spaces of time, like death
Stumbling all over the place, crashing
Falling down, experiencing the worst
Of life has to offer, and still standing
Still fighting through it all, of wanting
To never be forgotten, not again
To be heard, through the silence
Deafening as the silence become, no longer
Time has been too many, wasted years
Time to look towards the heavens
Claiming what’s own, birth right
Through the sufferings seen and heard
Through the events unfolding, unmasking
Each and every day, learning behaviours
Observing human kind, selecting the best
Learning from the best, transcending
New heights, reached and going further
Into the unknown, into unmarked territory
Strangers leading their hand, mysteriously
Valuable support, in time of need
Hope still survived through the shadows
This is my path, this is my destiny
This is my life,
Fighting spirit, never wavering
Fighting till the end

Tan Nguyen

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