Heaven and Earth, serving high and low
Blindingly following rules and laws
Even going against our hearts 
Droplets of tears, falling unknowingly
Soul is crying, unable to stop flowing
Leaking down, leaving a river in its wake
Betraying oneself, biggest betrayal of all
Heaven’s awesome talents, creating miracles
Heaven’s illusion, of making everything easy
Heaven’s ability, in making everything right
Earth looking towards heaven, searching
Earth searching towards heaven,
When problems and disasters, overwhelming
Close towards breaking point
Almost reaching our limits
Those droplets of tears, creating an ocean
From the rivers, steadily flowing
Falling down the waterfall
Becoming, creating an ocean, forming together
Clear tears are no longer clear
Mixture of blood can be seen
Red and black, forming the body of tears
Droplets straining the face, as it falls down
leaving red and black trail, on the riverbed
Praying towards the sky
Hoping heaven still exist
Haven’t checked, in such a long time
With eyes looking as foul, as the creatures
Leaking blood and darkness
Humbling thyself, emptying the pain
Unleashing the sufferings, the despair
All the hopes that were lost, endless hurt
Through even the lowest, the darkest of days
Unwavering desires, unfaltering beliefs
The heart, never failed

Tan Nguyen

4 thoughts on “Unfaltering/unbroken

  1. The title is captivating and lure me to read more of this post and I’m glad I did. Applause for the well written piece. Looking forward in reading more of your future posts! See you around! 🙂


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