The Divine Feminine

Truly without comparison, one of the most important elements, which holds the world together. The Divine Feminine, is something sacred, forming of connections which last throughout a life time.

Feminine brings a gentler nature, a softer touch in a world of harshness all around. Yet, it can’t be described as being weak, or any form of weakness. It takes a great amount of courage and maternal instincts, to hold firm, to give life, to watch it grow, nurturing that comes with love, only a mother is able to do.

Imagine the desert, filled with sand, like an ocean only made of sand. As far as the eyes are able to see. Adding the scorching heat, from the sun above. Unrelentlessly sending heat waves after heat waves. Without any shades, to cover under, with the same burning, like flames itself. Water is more valuable than gold, in the unforgiving sun.

Thoughts of anything, being able to survive such harsh conditions. Seems most unlikely, especially just only managing to survive it yourself. In the midst of the worstest, the most harshes conditions Earth can present. In the middle of the desert, life is found. A flower grows beautifully, blossoming, revealing what’s hidden within. Beautiful, unseen anywhere else in the world.

That flower was nurtured, by the Divine Feminine. Caring, protecting, watching it grow, always close by, in case something happens. But most of all, it was love that made the flower, becoming beautiful. That is the strength the Divine Feminine possess. Not even close, in being weak.

Creating life, caring and loving after it. Loving unconditionally, always trying to give only the best of life. Protecting from harm, shielding within it’s arms, from any pain or hurt which may come. Unquestionable of trust, of ill thoughts, perhaps the only thing, a person can truly trust, in having hidden agendas. Unexpecting anything in return, just as long well being in maintained.

Perhaps, something as unconditional as that. Can’t be found or matched again, in a life time. Divine Feminine, creates harmony and balance towards a world, which abundantly has harshness, stocked and reserved. It is something worth the time and effort, to fully realised the part the Divine Feminine truly plays in our lives. That softer, gentler side, which creates life, watching that life grows the way it should be. Always with eyes like a hawk, ready to swoop down, at a moments notice. If danger is present, or nearby.

When the world, becomes overwhelming, becoming unbearable to handle any longer. That gentle hand, upon the shoulder, asking if your alright, picking you up, helping carrying the weight that’s weighing you down, threatening dangerously, in crushing your very soul.

When the world is cold, ignoring and unappreciative of your efforts. When no one knows that you even existed, that loneliness, becoming so painful, desperately wanting some sort of affections, to acknowledged your very existent. To know your even there, being ignored by the world and everyone in it. That embrace, pulling you into their protective gasp. Without a word, yet knowingly, that everything will be alright. That is the touches of The Divine Feminine

Written by Tan Nguyen


4 thoughts on “The Divine Feminine

      1. You are very welcome. I loved your writing about this. It is very important for women to be able to feel empowered. Once a woman is beaten down and abused by a man, and by society, she will lose self esteem and any feeling that women are beautiful and special. I wanted to post this on my Lovely Wounded Lady blog, for domestic abuse and narcissistic abuse because women need to remember and to realize that they are beautiful and worthy of having good things.

        Thank you for a beautiful post about women.
        Much love,
        Annie – – coaching for overcoming narcissistic abuse

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      2. It was my pleasure. And an honour that you shared it.

        Women, are the creation, unconditional love, unmatched to anything else in this life. Just sad to see, when they ain’t treated with respect.

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