One moment to the next

Remembering important moments
Of what was my life, passing in stages
One moment, hanging around with friends
Doing nothing productive at all
Yet having a time of our lives
Youthful years, recklessness and fearless
Suddenly the scene changes, nothing remaining
Friends are no longer close by, being alone
Thoughts inside my mind, isn’t the same
Tackling life, as it were growing up again
Decade passed, spent in darkness
Uncaring of nothing, not even myself
Death has came, yet unclaimed
Upon my body and soul, surrendered fully
People that truly cared, pushing them aside
Selfish thoughts ruled my life
Wanting and waiting, just to die
Wishing for death, to hurry up
Just as before, life has other ideas
Suddenly changing, my life once more
Warrior spirit within, wouldn’t allow defeat
Finding strength from somewhere within
Finding new hopes and dreams
Climbing from the pits of hell
Everything changed, all around again
Suddenly, from all directions
Strangers claiming, filling my head with lies
Unaccustomed with the world, I trusted
Foolishly believing, in every word
Many decisions made, within this year alone
Changed the course, in which my life was heading
Breaking free, from an environment
Of non stop gossiping, blaming games
Polictics of gaining support, in a world
Where creatures are in control, destroying lives
Enjoying seeing others, begging for help
Strengthening my resolve, breaking free
Rather having no support, than a million
Untrue, slimy filthy creatures of hells rejections
Surrounding myself, with pure hearts
Life changes suddenly again, for the better
Opportunities, comes flooding in
Unlocked doors, being opened and welcoming
Surrounding myself with positivity
Such a drastic change in atmosphere 
Having more time, being productive
Accomplishing, things deemed impossible
For the longest time, as far as I can remember
This is happiness, I am happy
Against all odds
Against the forces of darkness and light
Standing, still smiling 
Such a turnaround, in my life
Which not long ago, was given up
At peace, acceptance of self
In the right frame of mind and soul
Feeling such hope, rising within
Once more

Tan Nguyen


2 thoughts on “One moment to the next

  1. This story sounds like a true reflection of life. We start young and free without expectation. We become adolescents and learn the pain of peer pressure. Loneliness caused by self inflicted isolation to contend with the growing demands life creates. As we age, wisdom finds us before we take drastic actions. There is a renewed sense of inner peace. Happiness returns. A new dawn begins to unfold.
    I enjoyed this post very much.

    Liked by 1 person

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