Within a passion burn, begun as a spark, unknowing which direction in life to take. A spark of interest which begun the change. A change in which revealed, unlimited possibilities, opening doors which I never knew existed.

Flames of intensity and determination, day and night, writing, learning to control my fears, to let them go. Opening myself through the world of poetry. Learning emotions, understanding them, delving into the unknown. Finding what is real and what is false. Discovering who I am. For the first time in my life.

As that flame transformed into an inferno, hungry in knowledge. Devouring any information which helps improvement. With life and emotions, in helping others, those that I am able to. The world is full of messed up people, it ain’t cute, it’s straight out annoying. People need something in their lives, something that gives them purpose. Something like a life.

Life is interestingly strange, beautiful
Sometimes, words must be spoken aloud
When passing our expectations, bewildly
Scratching our heads, with the words
What the fuck, what the flying fuck
Learning long ago, the behaviours
Knowing the hearts of men, in history
Wandering around, imitating them
Trying to behave and talk like them
Because wanting desperately, their life
To have what they have, love and respect
Instead of wishing, in wanting their life
Perhaps, its time to put in the work
Small facts, easily brushing it aside
They have what they have
Because they worked hard
Risked their lives
Stood up and became who they are
These are exceptional individuals
Whom shall always be remembered
World wide,  forever as long
As there’s human history
To be told

Tan Nguyen

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