Falling star, shooting star

Falling from the world above
Bright, shining in the dark of night
Falling, plummeting towards the Earth
Applauding heard from the watchers
Sounds of amazement, like in awe 
From the Earth looking towards Heaven
Appearing something being sent
From the Divine above, majestic gifts
Against the dark of night, beautiful
Wondrous to see, sharing precious moments

From Heaven looking down to Earth
Falling with tremendous speed, falling
Downwards against the dark of night
Terrifying, crashing with expected pain
Unable to control the landing, burning
Suddenly, entering Earth’s atmosphere
Entirely being burned alive, flames
Engulfing in it’s entirely, excruciating
Death, only death can result in this
Burning to death, impacting to death
Whichever shall come first, if one fails
The other shall surely succeed
Afraid, scared, petrified beyond words

Falling star, shooting star
Spectacular display, gifted from Heaven
Death, being misunderstood, unknowing
Either way, a someone views this event
Doesn’t change the truth
Doesn’t change facts
Doesn’t mean it didn’t exist 
Spectacular display or misunderstood

Tan Nguyen


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