Individual Thoughts

By day, entertaining notions
Getting along with others, with masked
Moving with the world, constant motion
Daylights revealing, minds perceptions
Wanting desperately enough, will be
Illusions created from the mind
Architect, ain’t we responsible in life
Especially in our own life,
Creating our dreams and making it real
From nothing, only with thoughts
Turning thoughts, the visions within
Into a product of our imaginations
Motions of time, always continuous force

By night, entering a world of manmade
Built and designed of man, the internet
Genius invention, displaying the minds
Proving our capabilities, power in thought
Connecting with people, far and wide 
Possibilities are endless
Creativity unleashing unlimited potential
Influencing ideas from all over
Collecting and learning
Cultures and ideas
Different thoughts, many views
Opinions of others, many ways to think
Expanding the mind, knowledge gained
Notions that life, is such a waste
Power of the mind, shall make it a waste
Notions that life, is beautiful
That is exactly what it is

Tan Nguyen

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