Unbalanced and unstable

Everyday, reading the news
It seems like the world
Has lost it’s mind, totally
Reading from around the world
Sufferings being inflicted
Family harming family
Children harming parents
Respect for elders are gone
When they sacrifice all they have
Values of society has declined
Behaviours learnt from movies
Unbalanced and unstable
The world has become, sadly
Somewhere, someplace 
Each moment there’s suffering
Each moment there’s death
Each moment there’s pain
Next time, before complaining
Have some considerations in life
Complaining is a luxury
To complain means you have energy
To have energy means, not enough
Not enough problems to make you tired
Those that are suffering, won’t complain
Reasons are as simple as breathing
Their energy is keeping them alive

Tan Nguyen

4 thoughts on “Unbalanced and unstable

  1. we are currently living in a dysfunctional society that badly needs rehabilitation… the youth is out of hand… we need more discipline like the old days… we no longer value life… youth… it’s sad…

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