Ideals, dreams and justice. Part 2

People see quick to judge though, to judge before even knowing what really happened or knowing the truth. They can easily judge a person that tries, even they, themselves don’t even lift a finger.

People blame the politicians for indecent and immoral behaviours. In my opinion, it’s the voting system in itself. The aim of the game is to gather the most votes. Therefore that is the aim of all politicians. Can you blame them for that, when it’s the very thing they need. Over the years, the system were exploited by many clever minds around the world. Finding loopholes, weaknesses within the system. They have been found out, yet there’s no changes to the system. With weaknesses revealed, how long you think before that weakness is used, infiltrating something that affect your lives.

Sure, the system is there for the illusion of giving the people a voice, a day to where their country is heading. In truth, many don’t give a damn. Walking pass outstretched hands, desperately begging for help. If a person doesn’t care or feel bad for walking pass without stopping,  how can they care about a country and its people. That person is part of the people, in the same country. Perhaps there wasn’t a video camera, recording such generosity.

Each day, society is declining and no one really cares. It’s as if they don’t care anymore or are to tired to voice their opinions anymore. I was told, if something is important, I needed to be willing to die for it. This is now, the question which must be asked about society. What does your fellow countrymen means to you. How much does your neighbours mean to you. How much love is left in humanity, to stand one last time together and fight, to keep what our ancestors died for.

Tan Nguyen


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