Gifted with darkness

Seemingly an endless fall, spiraling uncontrollable
Downwards into the darkness of the world
Stumbling, tumbling from a mindless state
Slipping down the path of destruction
Impacting, colliding with everything
Leaving marks that shall scar forever
Causing permanent damages, can’t be healed
Reminders of the struggles in which you came
In the depths, darkest of all pits
Darkness within darkness, consuming themselves
Swallowing, devouring, denying light’s entry
Depression smothering, denying air
Despair filling the darkness, with its weight
Crushing all hopes, annihilating dreams
Through the lowest, moments ever felt
Situation, nothing but failure ahead
Through it all, those days of total misery
Dragging, crawling myself from the bottom
Making my way towards the light
Using every ounce of strength, ability
Giving my bestest efforts, to survive
To overcome the impossible, accomplishing
Turning around, saying my thanks
Without darkness, I truly never wouldnt been tested
To know what I reall possess, deep within

Tan Nguyen

5 thoughts on “Gifted with darkness

  1. Sounds like you’re experiencing what’s called the Abyss in hero’s journey there, don’t be afraid of the darkness, or the fall, because until you fall, you wouldn’t know that you have what it takes, to get back up, and become stronger than before…

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