Passing only a moment

Passing only a moment, glimpsing into
Only glancing; knowing just a fragment
Of the suffering, the pain; enduring
Year after year, though self deserving
From self actions, mistakes, wrong paths
Mist blinding the visions, denying sight
Unwillingness of heart, spiralling down
Uncontrollable downwards into darkness
Uncaring of life, wishing the end of it
Surrendering to the void, taken over
Turning my back, on everything which
Mattered, which were precious one time
Clouds descending upon the soul, heavy
Crushing force, suffocating; sucking life
Draining positivity; the fight left within
Leaving nothing but despair; uselessness
Hope abandoned with dreams running
Far away as possible, across the universe
Emptiness; emotionless as if death came
Fragments, only small fragments of time
Of truly understanding, things endured
Darkness, darker than night itself
Depression, without any hope nor dreams
Future without existing, without dreams
Nothing to hold onto, spirits crushed
Hearts breaking, turning solid and dark
Blackening, rotting away from inside
Smashing into millions of pieces, broken
Only a moment in time, wasn’t the worst
Inviting strangers into my shattered life
For a moment, only a moment in time
Feeling normal, normal as a person
A taste of what it felt, as a person again
Passing of time, memories created
Saving happy moments, into files
For later days, when darkness becomes
Overwhelmingly too strong to handle

Tan Nguyen

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