Rebuilding from beginnings

Day and night, passes slowly by
Living both daily, unappreciating beauty
Rare moments in life,  when the world
Challenges our very foundations,
And everything we believed in, trusted
Like an Earthquake, shaking our world
Foundations, structures, crumbling down
Unable to handle the vibrations, rawness
Of such destructive force, speechless
Witnessing the destruction and chaos
Day and night, looking the same
The sun and the moon, acting similar
Dust from the ground, reaching in Heaven
Forming dirty, clouds so thick and dark
In Heaven, the Sun and Moon, unable to
Penetrating the thickness, up above
Everything in life, suddenly upside down
Beliefs, knowledge, everything in question
Doubts about ourselves, conquering minds
Lost in a world, we ourselves created
Regathering ourselves once more
Unsure how or where, strength came from
Rebuilding our lives, starting again
Applying experiences; theory into practice
Stronger, wider than before, reconstructing
Our lives all over again

Tan Nguyen


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