In memory of the innocence

Laying on the ground, fearing of death
Blood spilling all around, bodies falling
Bullets flying everywhere, bodies falling
Gripped with terror, chaos everywhere
Confusion at first, not knowing anything
Running for their lives, gunned down
Screaming, feeling absolute terror 
Crying, begging for anyone to help them
Scared beyond anything they believed
Witnessing others, as bullets impacting
Watching as others, falling down, dead
Sheer horror, worst than nightmares
Cowards gunning down the innocence 
Whom can’t defend themselves 
People sitting in wheelchairs, no mercy
killing without remorst, proud they are 
Blood of the innocence, flows this day 
A country’s heart, has been ripped open
Wounded by tragedy, grieving of lost
Their pain being felt, across the world
Senseless, horrible actions of cowards

As the morning arrive, people waking 
News of events reached their ears 
Speechless and shocked, not believing 
That it could happen to their country 
A country gripped by fear, not alone 
Nations around the world, offering help
Lending their hands in support, to allies
Remembering, they are not alone 
Remembering, we are together in this 
We are humans, affecting our hearts 
We are one, we make our stand 
People of France, we are here 
Paris today was attacked by cowards 
We stand by your side, help in any way 
No matter how long it takes
We will stand together 
We will support one another 
We will unite as one, as a human being

Tan Nguyen 


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