Rest In Peace those that lost their lives today in Paris, France. Prayers and love from all over the world is being sent to you and your family’s and friends. Truly tragic, devastated beyond words. Love and prayers, people from all over the world. R.I.P 14th of November 2015

In the midst of this, emotions are running high. We must remember something, we must control our emotions. We can’t go around accusing the Muslim community as a whole. And blame all Muslims for what happened tonight. That is not the answer. For a moment, push the thoughts of religions aside, and think as a whole, a are human beings. Human beings with compassions in our hearts. As a human being, wanting justice for what happened today.

As humans we are able to walk in the right direction. Moving forward as one, seeking those that were responsibile for what what happened today. That is the only way, in the battle against terrorist. Fear and anger combined is a deadly combination. As human beings we must overcome our fears, control our anger, and find, track those down, bring those responsible to justice. As a religion, we will fail. As humans United, we can not.

Tan Nguyen


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