False agendas

Seeing things clearly, for what they are
Hidden motives from pretentious people
Having all smiles and pretending to care
While the truth reveals it matters not
If they were dead or alive
Yet advertising everything they’ve done
Showing everyone how great they are
Showing everyone how good they are
In reaching out their hand
Helping those  who are truly desperate
Gaining from their awful situation
Using them for their own gain
Taking advantage of their sufferings
Meddling in affairs of others
Without having knowledge of the harms
Of those actions, entering their lives

A stranger walks pass, keeps walking on
A homeless person, sleeping on the floor
Having no thoughts of the future
Having no dreams or goals
Having no hope, nothing at all
The stranger walks on by
The homeless person was expecting it
Life continues on, nothing has changed

The stranger walks pass and then stop
Leaning over with outstretched hand
Offering hopes of a better life
Offering friendship, a ear to talk with
Reawakening of dreams and goals
Emotions returning to the surface
Starting to trust, once again
Believing in the human race once more
Feeling warmth from within
Possibility in starting a new life
Feeling happy that someone cares
The euphoria returns to normal
Reality showed itself, finally revealing
Crushing the spirit, breaking the illusion

Suddenly as fast as it’s came
Realising the words, that were spoken
Nothing more than lies
Causing, leaving the homeless person
In a worst situation than before
Wrecking their minds and emotions
Perhaps it’s better not to enter the lives
When their hearts ain’t 100 percent
In helping those in need

Tan Nguyen

7 thoughts on “False agendas

  1. Such a grim picture you’d painted here, and, people ARE, turning cold toward the things all around their immediate environment too, perhaps, it’s due to the fact, that they believe, there’s nothing they can do, to change the outcomes of life, so, they’d stopped trying altogether…

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