My rock

Darkest of days, forgotten by all
Endless days, nothing except blackness
Turning my back towards the world
Unwanting to participate any longer
Brightness of light fading from the sky
A star stops flashing, as if it’s broken
Throughout those depressing periods
Truly being alone, completely shunning
Everyone and everything were ignored
The biggest challenge ever being given
Being alone to discover the reasons
To continue on living, purpose of fighting
This was truly a journey to walk alone
Accomplished these challenges, only just
Barely crawling out from the darkness

Years gone by, paying no attention
Uninterested in world events nor anyone
Selfish by living in my own world, illusion
Unable to unlock the doors, of many
Letting them into my world, denying all
Never gave up, always kept trying
In entering my world, eventually gaining
Access into my life and thoughts
Always being there, never being far away
Being my rock, always being my strength
Words can’t be expressed into words
What that means to me, the importance
The meaning, without a doubt saved me
Someday, someway, somehow, somewhere
I shall return the favor, no matter what

Tan Nguyen


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