A trying year part 2

Days of the past are long gone
Trials and retribution challenge passed
Pain and destruction of self completed
Visions undergone transformation from
Darkness until the lights penetrating in
Through the thickness of depression
Weighed with a force of annihilation
Crushing all the fighting spirit within
Lowest form a human can fall,
Even the dirt from the ground is higher
Events from this year alone, were trying
Brink from ceasing to exist, forgotten
Irritations ignored, uncomfortable aura
Surfacing to the fore, confusing myself
Burdens in daily life, mounting problems
Smaller problems becoming bigger trouble
Wrecking reality with illusional mind
Beautiful as it were, living in a dream
Running away never solves anything
Standing my ground, standing firm
Facing my woes head on,
Wasn’t made from courage
Enough was enough, that was that
Threatening everything that made me
Challenging everything I was taught
Daring everything to come and try
Answers to my questions above,
Came fast as lightning, powerful in might
Knocking me breathless, onto the ground
On my knees, always pushing myself up
Standing and ready for another round
Strength and determination
Courage and motivation
Self discovery, inner journey
Changes, challenging, breaking with old
Only to begin my transformation
Into something new

Tan Nguyen

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