A trying year

Heavens above knows my pain
Dealt as an mighty strike upon my soul
Challenging everything which holds dear
Pressuring the boundary until it snapped
Thrown off course only to discover
The true being of who I am
Acknowledging weaknesses and strength
Recognising capabilities from deep inside
Breaking until breaking is impossible
Unrelenting force shattering my soul
Mortal values taught from the divine
Eternity has arrived, making claimed
Resisting the changes forming within
Unknowingly denying my very existent
A trying year that’s without a doubt
Almost accepting a special invitation
In joining the world of the dead

Tan Nguyen

4 thoughts on “A trying year

    1. There’s not really any options besides the two. Lay down and wait for death to come and stand and continue on fighting. I am sure a better tomorrow shall come. All the things which happened this year is prove


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