Clouds of the universe

Longing for eternity in knowing
Intimately with the universe
Travelling upon a cloud of dreams
Reaching beyond my imagination
Above the horizons of illusions
Taking the term, thinking outside the box
To a whole new level of thoughts
Perhaps it was over done,
During all the excitements
Discovering answers unexpectedly
Time is a word, created for explanation
Universe has revealed a secret truth
Time doesn’t exist, not in the sense we know
Time is endless, can’t be measured
Everything in this universe came to be
Time had no role, in the creation
Everything came to be
Because it needed to be
When it’s ready, it will be
Further away, closer to the universe
Travelling upon the cloud of dreams
More truths are revealed within
Illusions from imaginations it may be
It’s an interesting journey

Tan Nguyen

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