Misunderstanding conceptions

Longest time of wandering aimlessly
Through the valleys of death
Through the deepest parts of the jungle
To the end of the world, darkest places
From the bottom of the oceans to the sky
The roaring flames beyond Hell’s gates
Beyond the pearly gates of Heaven
Misunderstanding conceptions regularly
Blinded by the dust, with watery eyes
Distorting the visions we than perceived
Negativity standing as victorious conquerors
What lays true within the heart,
No longer being applied with reality
Everything in which occurs within ourselves
Isn’t as transparent, as we believed
Reflecting as a mirror the heart’s mood
Revealing the type of world we shared
Negativity attracting more negativity
With positivity, hoping the same rule applies
Ending life in a dream
Impossible to accomplished
Remembering it was once labelled

Tan Nguyen


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