Welcoming the unexpected

Day and night has gone by
When lonliness forced itself upon
Chased and scared everyone else away
Time of self destructing of any values
Walking the world as a shadow figure
Dancing with the music of a single song
Beating with the rhythms of solo tunes
Forging from a single stone, casually
Without an audience, an companion
Witnessing the creation of a masterpiece
Creating out from stone, into something
Beautiful and majestic, rarest of artifact
Unexpected being given such honours
Undeserving of such recognitions
Strangers walking by, seeing the struggles
The difficulty in breathing, in surviving
Longing for such a touch of kindness
A little compassion, acknowledgement
Of being alive, of existing within the life
Same world with all the others, coexisting
Under the same sky, with the same stars
Seeing the same moon, beautifully glowing
High above the Heavens above
Divine, home of the Gods

Tan Nguyen


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